Swill Team 6

June 19, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Situation: No Change.
Mission: 69th Hasher Battalion, PUDJAM Brigade will conduct SWILL TEAM 6 operations on 19JUN21 IVO Jug Bay training area in order to acquire a good thirst and satisfy it with beer.
Execution: No Change.
Sustainment: No Change.
Command and Control: No Change.


When: June 19th between 10am and 6pm

Start location:
Pavilion near
16091 Croom Airport Road,
Upper Marlboro, MD

The Trail:

The hares will set up 6 “Check Points” in various locations around Jug Bay. These points will contain a random book and the location of the next point. At start, we will provide the coordinates of the first Check Point. We will also provide a map of the area, a compass, and a protractor, and show you how to use them. Once you have identified the first location on the map, you will be able to leave the start point to find the location in Jug Bay. That location will contain a random book and the coordinates for the next Check Point.

When you arrive at each Check Point, you will need to drink a beer and remove one page from the book as proof you were at all 6 points.

After you have located all 6 Check Points and drank all your beer, return to start with your empty cans (hashers, not trashers) and the 6 pages you’ve collected to earn your patch.

-We recommend that everyone goes out in a small group with someone who has experience in Military Land Navigation or orienteering.

Don’t use your phones to navigate between the locations. Any dumbass can do that. That’s not a challenge. That said, you may use your phone if you are truly lost as f*ck. We are using the honor system on this one. If your first inclination is to use your phone to cheat, go away.

Things to bring:
-A 6 pack of your choice
-A backpack, vest, or something similar that allows you to carry your 6 pack on the course.
-Snacks/food, if you choose (we are not providing food)
-Compass and protractor, if you have them

Participants have the option to camp in Jug Bay on Saturday night if they want.
If you would like to camp in Jug Bay, message Chix, Camo, and BJ3 for more details.
-No RV’s (Per campground rules. This was not our decision. Yes, we know people used to be able to bring RVs to Jug Bay, but our contract specifies no RVs/campers/etc.)

-BYO Everything. You are on your own for food and all other things.