SMUTTy Crab Trail #338

SMUTTy #338

“Return to Jug Bay” Trail

25 July 2020, Saturday @ 1300

Start: ​
Columbia Air Center, Jug Bay Natural Area
16091 Croom Airport Road

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

38.753504, -76.709678

Cost: $5


Chix Won’t Stick, ZZ Bottom III

Dog-Friendly Factor: Please leave any floofy boi at home.

Stroller Friendly Factor: Not so much. Sorry, parental units.

Trail Information:

There are limited parking spots at start, but you can park on the side of the road near start without fear of being ticketed. Do not attempt to park behind locked gates unless you are into iso-camping overnight.

This will be an A-to-A Runners Trail (~5ish Miles) with a shorter Walker option.
*Mostly trails and pleasant shiggy.
*It will NOT be stroller friendly.
*Recommend leaving the Hash Hounds at home in the air-conditioning.

Because we are collaborating with BAH3, this is an Iso-Hash meaning it will be run individually with no opening nor closing circles.