BAH3 Hash #1392, A10 post lube

August 24, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
508 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401
WHO: A Hasher With Balls, or a hasher without balls, or perhaps a hasher who has sore balls of his feet (what kind of balls were you thinkin’?). Depends on who shows up…
WHAT: A chance to run and drink beer, in Annapolis. Bring dry bags and leashed dogs.
WHERE: Off Herbert Sachs Blvd, Annapolis, MD or maybe near 508 Taylor Ave, Annapolis, MD. Depends on who shows up…
WHEN: 24 August 2014, 3PM (HST)
WHY: Because there’s nothing better to do on a drizzly Sunday than flail about randomly.
HOW: By car, by boat, by foot and by crook. Oh, and with your own beer, cider, noxious home brew, and $0 hash cash (that means BYOB).
ON-AFTER: I’m open to suggestion, depends on who shows up…

You might want to bring some ‘runnin’ money’ in case we stumble into a bar….
There will be a walkers tr…. err, ahh… something will happen for the walkers.
If you are late, lost, confused, or you just want to listen it an inappropriate message, call 240-644-4477