Hash #1364 — Cervix, Velvet

February 16, 2014 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Department of Natural Resources Parking Lot, Herbert M. Sachs Drive

WHAT: the “I can’t believe it snowed on Valentine’s Day” hash

WHEN: Sunday, Feb. 16th @ 3:00 pm sharp

WHERE: the DNR parking lot on Herbert M. Sachs Drive in beautiful Annapolis, Md.

COST: $6.00

HARES: At Your Cervix & Velvet Vulva

NOTES: it’s cold so you start slowly, with time you start to feel the heat warming your core, slowly you unzip so as not to over-heat, you fall into a rhythm and slowly increase the frequency of your “strides”, as more time passes you lose awareness of your surroundings, the only important thing is you & your ever-growing need to finish, finally you sense the end is near so you desperately, selfishly focus on only yourself and your needs. As you reach the climax of your journey you slowly become aware of the others that have shared your path. Thus another hash is complete.

D’RECTIONS: go east on Rte. 50, take exit 24 (Rowe Blvd) into Annapolis, turn right at the second traffic light onto Taylor Ave. turn left at the first street onto Herbert M. Sachs Drive, turn right at the second entrance into the parking lot, park & hash

TRAIL NOTES: short, flat trail, eagle/turkey/walkers trails, not stroller friendly, bring a dry bag, everything is snow covered-you will be wet, wear red, pink, hearts, something Valentiney

ON-AFTER: Heroes Pub, 1 Riverview Avenue, Annapolis, Md.

At Your Cervix