CCH3 Trail# 201 Holiday Lights of Hampden

December 4, 2020 @ 6:00 pm

Charm City Hash House Harriers Trail Pronouncement!

Who: You all, y’all, wankers, halfminds, yinz, and any other all inclusive colloquialism.

What: CCH3 Trail #201 – Holiday Lights of Hampden!

When: Friday 12/4. Pre-lube at 6 pm. On out at 7 pm.

Where: R. House at 301 W. 29th Street, Baltimore, 21211. [89CH+P5 Baltimore, Maryland]Google code.

Hares: Lickety Splitz Down the Pole (410-493-4643), Judge Prudy (410-707-4456), and Just Rebecca.

A-A. Walkers 1-2 miles we dont really know. Runners 3ish miles???
On before: R House has food and drinks; Papermoon diner down zee street
Shiggy: 1 – pavement pounding
1 shot stop for runners
Beer stop for everyone
Bring a mask and a vessel!
Hopefully we remember orange food

On-After – Hamden for drinks until 10

Convocation from the HARES:
Here ye here ye!

‘Tis the month of Christmas, when all ye at R house
All spirits were stirring, including a girl with a blouse
The hash shocks were worn by the hashers with flair
In hopes that the trail was done by fun hares
The hashers were full from drinks and spread,
A tad bit tipsy from beer to their head.
When up ahead a hasher was a clatter
All heard “on-on” and ran to see the matter
Away down the street they ran like the flash,
Towards the beer stop on the cold hash.
They ran and ran until they saw graffiti all a glow,
‘Tis here where we can get some beer and blow?
Yet not they had not ran to the street of lights
To be mesmerized by their eyeful delights.
The DFL yelled “On-on Facial? Are you Gerbil? On-call Furry?”
Twas a Christmas miracle the runners arrived in a blurry
To find oh Lord Natty Boh on yee 34th Street
A delight for those tired with weary feet