BAH3 Trail#1544 UNITY Trail w/ OFH3 Whiny Little Bitch, Tinx, Crash & Transplant

July 2, 2017 @ 2:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Waredaca Brewing Company
4015 Damascus Rd
Gaithersburg, MD 20882


Because no other kennel is good enough for a threesome…
Wankers!!! You asked for it, so you shall receive. The most awaited hash of the year is here. The hares from BAH3 and OFH3 bring you the wettest, booziest and horniest trail ever. We love to swap and share, so cum on out and join in the cuddle puddle!
**Special prelube time at Waredaca Brewing Company 1pm.  Trail at 2:30pm**
When :
Sunday 07/02/17
Waredaca Brewing Company
4017 Damascus Rd, Gaithersburg, MD 20882
BAH3: Crash Test Dumbass, Transplant It In Me
OFH3: Can U Not Tinkle, Whiny Little Bitch
Hash Cash :
On After:
Highland Tavern
13380 Clarksville Pike, Highland, MD 20777
Trail Notes: Hares away 2ish, A-A trail. Shiggy, wet, boozy and last but not least, horny..
Parking: Waredaca parking lot (brewery closes at 6, but we’re checking to confirm late parking just in case we don’t finish before then)
Bring: hash cash, DEET, dry bag, DEET, zero dignity, a vessel, bewbs, change of clothes, whistle, booty, sunscreen, etc… Oh, and DEET – those pesky little ticks like to get in where it’s nice and warm, wet and dark.
Hare cell phones:
T&A? YES! Beer? YES! Shitastic trail? HELL YES!!!  See you Sunday – cum thirsty for more than alcohol 🙂


On – Bring the Shenanigans & the Out-of-Towners – On!