BAH3 Trail #1915 Read Between the Slime and How I Met My Brother!!

April 21, 2024 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
***These are the notes for Sunday trail. Don’t forget about our FM trail on Friday in Laurel***
Trail #1915 BAH3 Sunday Trail: This Trail Will Love You! This trail is a unicorn, it will give love to runners and walkers alike. BRING A Dry Bag and a CRANIUM LAMP!
When: Sunday, April 21 @ 3 pee em SHARP (Bring a cranium lamp!)
Start: 9000 Virginia Manor Dr Beltsville, MD Use these coordinates (39.0632349, -76.8924660)
 Bring a dry bag. a cranium lamp is recommended, but not essential. Ticks and emergent PI observed while scouting.
Hares: How I Met My Brother, Read Between the Slime, Colostomy Shag
Hash cash: $6 (sex buckaroos)