BAH3 Trail #1913 Udderly Vanilla

April 14, 2024 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
BAH3 Trail #1913
What: The Disraptured Trail ~bring a body dry bag~
When: Sunday, 14 April 3PM (1500)
Where: Hammonds Ferry Park N Ride Linthicum, MD
How much: $6
Who: Udderly Vanilla, Twincest Is Best, plus at least one mysterious hare
Details: ~Bring a dry bag~ Come out to the crossiest crossroads the crossest hares could find to mourn/celebrate not making the cutoff for last week’s Rapture. We’re going out to where Twincest got stopped by the police that one time because they found a dead body in a tree. (Poor bastard probably made it halfway to heaven, said “On-On” and was cast back down.)
Bring a dry bag. There will be runner/walker, maybe turkey/eagle, might even be beer.