BAH3 Trail #1907 Dickoupage

March 3, 2024 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
BAH3 Trail #1907
March 3, 2024
Time for your @nal physical!
Will this be the safest trail ever, of course not! Your hares, Dickoupage, Take 2 For the Team, and Critical Karen (of course Take Two is between 2 men) bring forth decades of medical experience. But sticking with our safety third model, we will be drinking!
One last winter trail before the sun will shine upon us into the late hours. Your hares are lazy and are scared to go too far from home. We tried, but live ordnance turned us around! We will once again be dragging you to Odenton. We can promise there will be a trail of some length. Walkers might be a little shorter. There will be back checks, “special” checks, and of course plenty of beer checks!
$6 gets you a good time!
Parking will be at the Piney Orchard Nature Preserve Trail Head (yep, I said it) parking lot located at Piney Orchard Parkway and Sandy Walk Way.
3 & 4 legged friendly, but a leash may be needed in some areas. Is Arlo coming?
On out at 3 PM sharp for the last time.
Got lost, need mouth to mouth, call 911 for Dickoupage. Ok, maybe start w 813.917.1794. This is my work cell. For sexier talk, DM for digits and pay/minute rates!
On after TBD, but on-before will have a selection of brown water options.
(39.0602705, -76.7276925) 39°03’37.0″N 76°43’39.7″W