BAH3 Trail# 1685 – Any Cock’ll Do Me, Just Lauren, Just Wendy

January 26, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

BAH3 1685 Sunday 26 Jan 2020

What: A Trail into the Lair of the Legendary and Totally Real Goatman.

When: Sunday 26 Jan 2020, pack away at 3pm

Why: Oh YOU know why. Don’t act dumb.

Where: Last known sighting of The Goatman. Northridge Park. 12227-12321 Fletchertown Rd, Bowie, MD 20720. X6R5+GF Bowie, Maryland. De’Erections: Get thee to Bowie. Thence to Northridge Park. Look for Wankers or The Goatman. Park and Hash.

Who: Or is it Whom.

What Else: Entirely New Bowie Trail with Virgin Shiggy. 2- 5 miles depending on how dumb you are. its about half paved; so if you are a Hot MILF with a teeny baby, you can totally shortcut. Or if you are an idiot, which is more likely the case, you can follow every false trail till you are drained of Stupid and then fill up the empty part with beer.

But What About the Other Things? There will be a wood fired grill or two for cooking and crowd warmth, and a starter set of dogs/patties/buns; plus some condiments. Probably some other ridiculous snacks. Feel free to bring food that can go on a grill. Covered Deluxe Pavilion and picnic tables. Plenty of beer, Orange Food, and all the backchecks you could want. Just Beware of the Goatman: Dont leave your pet in the car.

Hares: Just Lauren, Just Wendy, Any Cock’ll Do Me (240 618 5563)