BAH3 Trail# 1867 Bmore Gay – Daddy’s Little Screamer, My Big Fat Greek Orgy, Lickity Splitz Down the Pole

June 25, 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Hares: My Big Fat Greek Orgy, Daddy’s Little Screamer, Lickity Splitz Down the Pole
Hash Cash: $6
Notes: Closing out the last weekend in June, we bring you a pride trail that even has a token straight hare. Wear your best rainbow, or buy a “Bmore Gay” shirt while supplies last. With hares ranging from Screamer to Lickity, bring dry shoes, a cranium lamp, and a desire to eat pudding shots. Beers will range from Natty Boh to Bud Light and any other rainbow beverages Greek Orgy can find.
Call for info about an Orgy… wait.. call Orgy for info.  571-294-8447
Not good for strollers but fine for doggos!

(39.2305406518557, -76.887691903918)