BAH3 Trail #1849, Superb Owl Invasion, WH4 cordially visits BAH3; Gonna Probably Spew, Give Me Anal or Give Me Death Udderly Vanilla

February 12, 2023 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm


BAH3 Trail #1849: As We Cower in the Passing of the Superb Owl
A Trail, An Invasion, A Contest in three parts.

February 12th
EARLY START 1 Pee’eM (1300)
Southern Avenue Park and Ride
Parking garage, lower level, back corner. This is also a metro station, so the train is an option. Trail is near DC.
1411 Southern Ave SE, Hillcrest Heights, MD 20748

Hares: Gonna Probably Spew, Give Me Anal or Give Me Meth, Udderly Vanilla
Hash Cash: $6

Hare Notes:
DOGS/KIDS NOT ADVISED. This is a bad trail for your furry friend and small people. There’s broken glass and severe hazards for dogs. If you bring them, it’s on you.
SANDALS ARE NOT ADVISED. You’re going to want a real sole. (Hi Twincest!)
If you want a reason, shoot Udderly a message, but you’ll be ruining the surprise.

It is that solemn time where nerds throughout the world (defined expressly as the United States for this trail) take to their safe places, to cower in the passing of the Superb Owl. They take to their tchotchke-filled basements to hide and hope that this silent apex predator does not swoop down upon them and make them talk about sports. So, to take Udderly’s mind off of sportsball and multiple pantsings, swirlies and mildly erotic abuse suffered at the hands of the football team, we’ve decided to lay a trail… with a few twists.
First: We will be hosting an invasion by White House. Is it really an invasion if I publicize it in advance? Volodymyr Zelenskyy assures me it is.
Second: This trail is also a contest of epic proportions- To find the greatest trail treasure. Whoever brings the best piece of trail treasure gets something. Probably violated, but maybe something cool.
Third: We’re starting early so we can finish early so you can get back to your house and watch for the owl.
Fourth: Feel free to dress owlishly.

Hare contact: Udderly – 316-990-5104