BAH3 Trail #1841 Floppy Attachment, Oedipussy, Dickoupage

December 18, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
BAH3 Trail #1841
Sunday: December 18th, On out at 1500/3pm.
Location GORC Park, Odenton, MD. Park in the lot or along Strawberry Lake Way.
Hash Cash $6, but you will get much more for you money!
Hare notes:
Most important – lots of shots, beer, gallons of hot cocklate and orange food.
Please join your hares Oedipussy, Floppy Attachment, Dickoupage, and possibly some crotch goblins for what your scribe will document as truly the best trail of the year. A trail so spectacular, equaling it will be your New Year’s resolution. Ok, it’s really DP’s opportunity to go back to his virgin hare trail horror, and dry hump the hell out of it. It’s Oedipussy and Floppy’s opportunity to display their alcoholic prowess. You won’t regret it.
Trail will be about 5r/3w through old clear woods that should allow for a great pace for the r@cist and a beautiful walk for the rest. Dogs will have a great time. This is Cyder’s playground. Have a leash available. Strollers? Hell no. Headlamps, only if you get lost. Will the hares get you all wet? Well, maybe your feet.
On After – All are invited to DP’s secret lair. It is walkable from start. More beverages, jambalaya, chili, grill, fire pit, and much more. Crash space might mean cuddling between Take 2 and I, but we will make sure everyone gets home safe.