BAH3 Trail #1840 Cleavage to Beaver & Bitch Pleaser

December 11, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

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BAH3 Trail #1840: It’s the Least-Worst Time of the Year. *shrug*.

WHERE: Community Parking Lot G
3676 Fels Ln, Ellicott City, MD 21043


It’s that time of year…..When we all gather with our friends and families and celebrate the Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster. There are the children’s pageants re-enacting the Parliamentary ratification in 1931. And the traditional gifts commemorating the date Canada and the other Commonwealth Dominions officially achieved true independence and legal equality with Britain. Such warm memories.

What did you think this was about? That OTHER over-celebrated, overly merchandised winter holiday – National Noodle Ring Day?

Well, if you’re not too hungover from celebrating Dewey Decimal System Day on the 10th (RAGER AT THE LIBRARY!), drag your sorry ass out to Ellicott City to enjoy the Trail of The Year (™), hared by Bitch Pleaser and Cleavage to Beaver.

Pre-lube and/or On-after can be had at the lovely Manor Hill Tavern, across the street.

WHEN: December 11, 2022. 3 PM. Sharp. Arrive late, hash alone.

WHAT: Hills. Shiggy. Beer. Runners’ trail is somewhere around 5 – 5.5 miles. Walkers’ is less. If you are slow, you better bring a light, in case you don’t finish before dark. Bring a dry bag in case your feets get wet. Bring a leash for your doggo. Don’t bring a stroller.


Cleavage to Beaver: 770-633-9907
Bitch Pleaser: 717-645-3679