BAH3 Trail# 1837 Don’t Have One Thanksgiving, Judge Prudy, Just Grant

November 20, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm

BAH3 Trail #1837, 25th (we think it’s the 8th) Anal Thanksgiving trail

Hares: Judge Prudy, Just Grant, DHO

Where: 106 Bloomsbury Ave Catonsville MD 21228-5249

Catonsville elementary school

When: Nov 20 3 pm Puritan time!

Cost: 6 wampum

Hare notes:

It’s time to whip out your cockels (pilgrims hat) and shave your beaver pelt. The 25th anal thanksgiving hash is nigh.

Bring dry satchel, shiggy mukluks and a torch. Leashed livestock and papooses welcome.

Same trail as every year but triple shitty. Shall it be clockwise again this year or not? It shall be a joyless pavement pounder as usual.

Salted pork with triple the glaze to double your enjoyment, shots, fizzy squaw water, pumpkin bread and possibly homemade chocolate chip cookies with the browned butter…

Wait there’s more; a new tradition from our just…more Meat for your mouth!

Get there after the bell tower strikes three and pilgrimage eall ān.

Feel free to bring homemade items to share but not til all the hare food is ate!

On after: Morsbergers