BAH3 Trail# 1803 Udderly Vanilla, Just Sean

April 10, 2022 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
What: BAH3 trail # 1803: Reservoir PAWGs
Who: Udderly Vanilla, Just Sean, maybe a mystery hare if I bother getting one. (If you want to volunteer, let me know.)
Why: Because sometimes the shit rolls uphill
When: April 10rd, 3pm
Cost: $6
Where: Three Sheets
2201 Carroll Highlands Ct
Sykesville, MD 21784
Due to the moral failings of your regularly-scheduled hare, you’re getting stand-ins.
This trail will have it all: running and beer. That is all.
Note the location, being a residential area and rather far out. Please be courteous of neighbors, as much as possible use my driveway and don’t block the street. Do not park atop the neighbor’s kids.
Odds are good for a Turkey/Eagle split, and a Walker’s trail. Eagle… well, depending on how ambitious I get, I could see 8 miles.
This is also a “decent” chance for a rare “never leave camp” option, as trail is A to A, with both ends being at the on-after, being:
Three Sheets! Bar and Bar.
That’s right, we’re re-opening our very own backyard shed bar for all your libatory needs. Nothing will be on tap, get it from the fridge. It’s cold enough, stop whining. Put a patch on the wall. Enjoy the fire.