BAH3 Trail# 1760 – Princess Jizzmine

June 27, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Trail #1760
Another Pride Trail!

What: A Trail

When: Sunday June 27 at 1500 (3peeem for non military/health care personnel)

Who: Princess Jizzmine and Mystery Inc

Why: because we love drinking and running (in that order), do we need another reason? Oh and the LGBTQ community that literally adds color to our lives ❤️

Where: Takoma Park Metro station

327 Cedar St NW, Washington, DC

Please note: Yes, this address says DC , however there is Takoma Park MD, and Takoma Park, DC. We’re just using DC as the best friend to park our cars in so we can hit on the way hotter and sexier MD side.

Red line accessible, and parking lot is free on Sundays!

There’s a runners trail (doggo friendly, 5ish miles?) and a walkers trail (stroller and doggo friendly 3ish miles?), and lots of hills. Lots and lots of hills. Big hills, small hills, all hills matter.

You might get your feet wet, at most calf deep. Plan accordingly.

At least one beer check, possibly a shot check. Who knows? The hare always lies about something.

Wear your pride gear or be square! Or bland. I’m not sure where I was going with that.