BAH3 Trail# 1759 Chix, Camo, BJ3

June 20, 2021 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

What: A trail, but not just any trail. A trail where we scoured these grounds (did you see Camo’s FB post?) to find the densest shiggy, the thorniest thorns, the swamps! oh the swamps ❤️, tunnels, tunnels with the most pungent and deepest of water ❤️❤️ (doable without cranium illumination), and some places you might actually run… maybe… probably, up to you. It’s not 8miles, sorry to disappoint, unless you want us to make that happen? Wait What?? It’s Fathers Day you say? Really? How could we not mention this? Are we not going to celebrate them in some way? Glad you reproduced, there Happy? I’m sure your son/daughter have done things at the hash that would make you proud.. WE STRONGLY ADVISE YOU LEAVE YOUR HASH HOUNDS AND YOUR HASH HORRORS/CROTCH FRUITS/FUCK TROPHIES AT HOME, I’m not joking about the deep water part. (seriously)(it’s not sarcasm)(I swear)(you’ve been warned)

When: 3pm, the hour of our lord Natty Boh!

Who: Chix, Camo, BJ3

Why: Do you need a reason?

Contact: Really? You know how to find us.

Where: Not JUG BAY!! Just like your dad should have, we pulled out of that area.
The Gardens Ice House Arena
13800 Old Gunpowder Rd
Laurel, MD 20707