BAH3 Trail# 1734 Choosy Moms Choose Dick

December 27, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Trail of Many Themes:

· Farewell 2020

· Choosy’s last chance to make the 30 under 30 hare list

· A trail just as shitty as this year

· Feral pussy colony overrun by gay hookups

· Urban exploring tunnels

· Choosy’s once again trashy birthday trail

· The best trail of the year

Where do you need to go:

· Cul-de-sac by the Marley Neck Industrial Park

· 1040 Swan Creek Dr, Baltimore MD 21226

· (The under armour factory store is one block away if you need some retail therapy before or after trail)

· Park along the street

What to prepare for:

· Shiggy

· Water

· Excessive feral cats, graffiti, and probably used condoms

· Does choosy know if it’s stroller friendly? Not yet. Probably not.

· How about them dogs? You’ll need to leash them. Also, feral cat colony.

· Tunnels – there’s a mythical tunnel from ft armisted to ft carrol that choosy might find. So plan to light it up with some handheld lumens and go exploring where the sun don’t shine.

· Whisky


· Choosy Moms Choose Dick and assorted mystery helpers 703-957-9460

· Should be set by one pee mmm