BAH3 Trail# 1733 Kooter Kuntae & Lickthyologist

December 20, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Trail Deets for BAH3 Trail 1733 Sunday 20 Dec 2020 at 1ish pm

What: Another Holiday Trail! (Because admit it, you have more holiday garb, ugly sweaters or Onesies to strut your stuff in.)

When: 1 pee em-ish? Hares will post updates day of.

Why: Because drinking hot, boozy beverages outside, that’s why.

Who: Why you, of course!

Where: College Park, MD College Park Metro Station… look for chalk marks to start

Notes: Let’s be real, the hare razors keep letting E-dubbers set trail for you guys so it’ll probably be equal parts pavement pounding to park prancing. Quit your bitching and just be jolly! No promises, but socially distant shots of Hot Toddies may or may not be available. Be on the look out.

Questions: Skooter Kunte and Lickthiologist
Mobile: 202-658-7665