BAH3 Trail# 1732 Any Cock’ll Do Me and Johnnie Cockring

December 13, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Trail Deets for BAH3 Trail 1732 Sunday 13 Dec 2020 at 1ish pm

What: A Shitty trail for Those Who Have Been Naughty. Or Nice. But We Prefer Naughty.

When: When I Say So, That’s When. Stop your Whining.

Why: Because in times like these, this is the trail we all need.

Who: Sand and Gravel Aficionados. Large and Small Bipeds. Quadrupeds. All Carbon-Based Life Forms.

Where: Odenton, MD 21113. 1081 Patuxent Rd, Odenton, MD 21113. 27RG+V6 Odenton, Maryland.

Notes: Sponsored by The Grinch Who Sto Christmas. Wear Holiday Attire or Be Subject To Conduct Report. No Hash Cash. BYO Everything but the trail. No Orange food beercheck or circle beer. Trail with 2 Eagle and Turkey splits. Minimal bushwhacking and lots of open trail running. Loads of awesome places for checks but this is covid times so the checks are minimal. Zero pavement. You may walk through some water. Also Keep your dirty Virus Vapors away from me. If you like, bring a painted rock for the ad hoc Christmas scene someone put up which I think could use Love Rocks. Someone should bring SlutWater.

Questions: Hares Any Cock’ll Do Me and maybe Johnny Cockring

Mobile: 2406185563