BAH3 Trail# 1729 Don’t Have One, Judge Prudy, Just Rebecca, Blonde Roots: No Thanks Hash!

November 22, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Cost: free to you

It’s time to whip out your cockels (pilgrims hat) and shave your beaver pelt. The anal thanksgiving hash is nigh. Bring dry satchel, shiggy mukluks and a torch. Leashed livestock and papooses welcome.

Same trail as every year but worse. Don’t make this a super spreader event. It will be a joyless pavement pounder with no water, beer, ham, cider, pumpkin bread or homemade chocolate chip cookies with the browned butter…

I promise next year is gonna be so awesome! Let’s make sure we all make it til then.

On after: No circle! Go home!

No Thanks hash
Hares: DHO, Judge Prudy, just Rebecca, blond roots

Where: 106 Bloomsbury Ave
Catonsville MD 21228-5249
Catonsville elementary school

When: Nov 22 trail will be set by noonish

Cost: free to you