BAH3 Trail# 1724 Just Roger, Wuhan Used Clam and Judge Prudy

October 18, 2020 @ 1:00 pm

Where: Hammond High School
8800 Guilford Road, Columbia Md

When: Sunday October 18th!

What do you get when you combine a bald guy with two lovely women as your hares?
You get your first (and probably last) anal ‘Courage of the Clam’ trail. Hey, don’t Judge us. This isn’t Justanother BAH3 trail. This on again, off again, and now back on again experience will leave you forgetting all about that ‘other’ run.

This course may very well be the cleanest trail you’ve ever run in the 1723 previous trails that BAH3 has offered (though we doubt it). There will be NO chiggers! (we aren’t positive about that). There will be NO PI!! (actually, we’re pretty sure we saw some). There will be NO water crossings!!! (now that’s just a flat-out lie). This course, which starts at Hammond High School in Columbia, will have a walkers trail somewhere between 1-8 miles long. The runners trail will be longer than the walkers trail. There might be a turkey/eagle split, depending on how hung over we are in the morning. There WILL be a beverage check, for those so inclined.

BYO-Everything else for pre/post lube and orange stuff. We might have some stuff to share. As always during these times, remember social distancing protocols.

Trail will be ready by 12:69, unless it’s not. We’ll post when it’s all set up.

Hares: Just Roger, Wuhan Used Clam, Judge Prudy.