BAH3 Trail# 1717 Any Cock’ll Do Me

August 30, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

BAH3 1717 Iso-Trail

When: Sunday August 30, anytime after 12:69

Where: Solleys Cove Park

7360 Carbide Road
Curtis Bay, MD 21226;

“On After,” next door: American Legion Post 277
7376 Carbide Rd, Baltimore, MD

212265CPG+XW Baltimore, Maryland

Hare: Any Cock’ll Do Me

What: A Trail that has done so much but has been treated very, very unfairly. It’s a disgrace. NO trail has ever been this great and its going to be very popular I can tell you that. Youre going to see something pretty special.

Notes: BYOE. INCL HYDRATION. Social distance.

Carbide Road might break your car wheels off on the RR Tracks. Slow.
Start is at Solleys Cove Park, a little boat ramp (perfect for kayaks, SUPs, swimming). It is right next to American Legion, and a Paintball park.
Trail has all the usual stuff.
Plus a magic Treasure Pile just before the ON IN Where you can select your Very Own Special Gift. Choose from Homeless Lady Underwear, or a wide selection of Sumptious Canned Meats that are ready when you are!


THERE WILL BE SOME AMERICAN LEGION WTF BEERS PROVIDED OUTSIDE after Im done with you at trail and religion. You can also buy some but AMERICAN LEGION ONLY TAKES CASH, naturally. They miiight be able to rustle up a pizza but food is not guaranteed. You can only drink Legion beer when youre there.

Consider- bring a boat and paddle if you like. I can give you some tour tips. Also you might see some wankers on trail.