BAH3 Trail# 1710 – Crash Test Dumbass & Transplant It In Me

BAH3 Trail #1710 exBEERiment #Who gives a fuck! (I added that bj3 ;P)

Planned to be ready by 11:69

Hares: Transplant It In Me & Crash Test Dumbass

Walkers: 3.8
T/E: 6ish

Start near:
210 S Hilltop Rd. Catonsville, MD 21228

Transplant has laid Crash Test enough consecutive times during lockdown season, that she wanted to lay a trail to mix it up.

If you were at Old Forgetful & Fish Eyes Between Her Thighs wedding hash, then you know where to park along S Hilltop rd.

THERE WILL BE A BEER CHECK (some glutard options are available) Crash will be at BN all day. With that said post on Fb when you start on out so CTD will won’t leave early.

There will be optional SQ (shot quests) for both runners & walkers. These will consist of looking for airplane bottle(s) of alcohol labled with either W or R respectively. Once found cross out the mark so others know to search or not. (Chalk will be provided).

Trail will be GREAT if the weather doesn’t fuck the hares over! If that happens, trail will just be really good!