BAH3 Trail #1686 with SuperBowl On After – Old Forgetful, Judge Prudy, Transplant It In Me, Mud Flaps, Fish Eyes Between Her Thighs

February 2, 2020 @ 2:00 pm

2/2/2020 @ 2!!!
What: Super Special Sports Holiday Trail
When: Sunday Feb 2, 2020, kickoff at 2 PM
Why: Because you punts have nothing better to do!
Where: Get your tight ends to Southwest Park & Ride, 1198 S Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228
Hares: Old Forgetful, Fisheye Between Her Thighs, Judge Prudey, Mud Flaps, Transplant It In Me
Game Plan: Runners’ trail will be about 5-6 miles. Walkers’ trail will be about 3.5 miles. Both are dog friendly (leashes needed). There will be water crossings on both and maybe some tunnels on runners’. You will get to run tire drills and tackle some shiggy. Expect to find beer, shots, and maybe a chance to score.
On-after: Potluck Super Bowl Party at Ponyboy’s house starts at 5:30. Go sports! Bring food and/or Drink to share.
Hare’s Cell: (808) 271-5089