BAH3 Trail# 1682 – Any Cock’ll Do Me, A Phone Named Gerbil, Judge Prudy, Just Carol

January 5, 2020 @ 3:00 pm

What: Shittiest Trail of the DECADE!!!

When: Sunday 5 Jan 2020 3pm pack away

Why: Because because because because because: because of the wonderful things I does.

Also because I said so.

Where: the Park Entrance across from 13316 Overbrook Ln Bowie MD 20715. Park on the street. The address is a house. Do Not go to the house. Do not park in their driveway. I have no idea who lives there. They don’t know me but I’m sure they would not like me. Or you, anyway.

Who: Everyone who wants to leave the last crappy decade behind and begin a new crappy decade of hashing. People that made hopeless new years resolutions. People that like mud. People who need people, the luckiest people in the world.

What else: longer and shorter trails. Beer. Shots. Chili. Maybe a fire. Leftover shit from Christmas probably. Wear your waterproof socks or your feets may become moist. Order now with one day delivery from amazon prime. Bring dry socks and shoes maybe.

Dogs? Kids? I don’t care that’s up to you.

Special Prize for anyone who finds any of the following on trail and brings to beer check or end circle: Ball. Gas can. Propane tank. Boogie board. Tricycle. Shopping cart.

Other Interesting Items. On after will be at Somewhere.

Hares: Any Cock’ll Do Me (240 618 5563), A Phone Named Gerbil, Judge Trudy, Just Carol