BAH3 Trail# 1674 – Learner Spermit, Blond Roots, Just AJ, Just Carim

November 10, 2019 @ 3:00 pm

It’s that time of year where the evenings are short and the weather is cold.  This particular week Spermit has to lay a trail and doesn’t want to stray that far from home so he has a predicament.  He wants to hash out of GORC park, but as NEC can attest they close the gates at dark.  This gives him just 2 hours to get everyone drunk but also provide a thrilling trail. Let’s all show up Sunday and see if Spermit and hares can set down this trail and get you drunk but also get you back to your cars in time to let you get out of the park.

BAH3 Trail 1674 – Short trail for short, sad days

WHO: Learner Spermit, Oprah’s Little Vapist, Blonde Roots, Just Carim

WHEN: 3 PM SHARP Sunday, November 10, 2019.  Show up late hash alone.

WHERE: GORC Park, Strawberry Lake Way, Odenton, MD but at this GPS coordinate: 39.049955, -76.703629.  The address will get you close but the GPS will get you to the lower parking lot where we start.  You may want to park on Strawberry Lake Way outside the gate to be safe.

WHAT: A short trail for a short day.  You’ll get a few miles and some beers but I have to get you out of the park by dark or your car gets to spend the night.

WHY: Because it’s Sunday, and I love you.

Notes: Trail is A-A. Mostly pavement and roads. Maybe a fence climb if they fence up that one area I want to run through. Lots of neighborhoods and parks so dogs on leash. Stroller work around available as needed.  I suggest parking on Strawberry Lake Way to be extra safe of the park gate.

Hare’s cell: 812-236-7705

ON AFTER: Molloy’s on 3! 1053 State Route 3 N (1.97 mi)
Gambrills, Maryland 21054.  I don’t think they have anything going on Sunday but they should have beer.