BAH3 Trail# 1649 – Tour Duh Hash – Any Cock’ll Do Me, Gunna Probably Spew, Beetlejizz3

June 9, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
5801 University Research Ct
MD 20740
Who: Any Cock’ll Do Me, Gunna Probably Spew, Beetlejizz3
Where: 38°58’10.5″N 76°55’25.4″W
              That’s right folks, Good old GPS coordinates
               5801 University Research Court, 20740 is the closest address
When: 3 peem or as soon as your sexy asses get done with Hangover H3
Bring your Tick and P.I. Protection, Cranium Illumination Gear could be useful!!
What: Trial# 1649! It’s Tour Duh Hash!
Why: Cum One! Cum All! Let’s Bukkake??? Wait…where was I going with this.  Whatever, it’s the final trail of Tour! Have you done them all? Shut up, I don’t care!  Cum Frolic with BAH3 through babbling brooks, beautiful forests, and well maintained paths without a care in the world.  Maybe you’ll find beer along the way.  
On After: Who Knows! I put no effort into this.
Sorry Folks, no party this year.  Apparently an orgy occurred on Dude That Guy’s bed without him last year.  It’s bad form not to include the Homeowner, shame the few ruin it for the many.
For those that want trail distances, here you go:
Runners: 5 kellicams
Walkers: 2.5 kellicams
You nerds will figure this out, no guarantee these are correct though
For more inaccurate information if I answer:
BJ3: 240-432-2385