BAH3 Trail# 1645 – All Day I Dream About Sausage, Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, Beetlejizz, Any Cock’ll Do Me

BAH3 Trail# 1645
When: Fifth of Mayo, 3:00
Where: Calvert Rd Park, 5800 Old Calvert Rd, College Park, MD 20740
Why: Because tradition dictates we celebrate Mexico’s freedom by getting drunk, and tradition dictates we spend Sunday afternoons outside getting drunk. I think that means we’re supposed to spend this Sunday getting really really drunk.
What: More border crossings than your hearts desire. We’ll go over fences, through holes in fences, explore deep moist tunnels, cross rivers, and more! And then there’s checks! Back Checks! Shit Checks! Visa Checks! All to return to A, and piss off the local frisbee golfers while our unwashed hordes invade their precious park.
Dogs need leashes most of the time, I don’t think we have a stroller problem any more, but did you read the notes? Do you want little Timmy to drown while fording the river?
Cranium lamps and fleshlights optional, some of you might feel better with them. As always with BAH3 bring a dry bag

ADIDAS 301-641-7426
BJ3 240-432-2385
On After: IDK, probably Hard Times for some nice texican food.