BAH3 Trail# 1630 – Just Chris, Mud Flaps, I’d Do ‘Er, Periodic Table Dancer, Diddler On The Roof

January 20, 2019 @ 3:00 pm
8702 Natures Trail Ct
MD 21113

The trail notes for BAH3 1630:

What: A guaranteed wet, cold, and sloppy defiling of a virgin hare just so he and others can go to a party.

When: Pack away at 3 pee em sharp Sunday January 20, 2019.

Where: Nature Trail Parking at Piney Orchard – 8702 Natures Trail Ct, Odenton, MD 21113 located near the intersection of Piney Orchard Way Parkway and Sandy Walk Way.

Hares – Just “Chris” will be violated by Periodic Table Dancer, I’d Do’er, and Diddler on the Roof

Who: Those who watch NASCAR for the car crashes or who enjoy amateur midget porn. Also welcome are those who enjoy ankle deep, freezing mud and hanging out with the homeless in culverts. Trail is dog friendly, but does interact with muggles at times.

Why: I can’t be a 40yo virgin forever (even though I was on the party list!). I figured it would be easier to be broken in by 3 senior hares before the hare “party”.

On After – TBD

Trail Notes: Bring $6, lube, and be prepared for freezing rain. Runners ~4.5 and walkers 3.25

Just “Chris” – 813.917.1794