BAH3 Trail #1619 – In Vino Vulvitas and Follow Me Down the Dirty Dick Road

November 4, 2018 @ 3:00 pm

SUNDAY Nov 4, 2018
BAH3 Trail 1619!
Keep the fun going!
Hares: In Vino Vulvitas and Follow Me Down The Dirty Dick Road
When: 3 pm
Where: Ellicott City parking lot behind Tersiguel’s French Country Restaurant
Why: Wear you best TuTu and come out, because OFH3 is haring for BAH3! The hares can’t promise you much, other than shitty beer, a trail that they probably half assed (because lets face it they were drunk all day yesterday) some boob checks, and a big ol dick check. MAYBE, if you are lucky, there will be a surprise, but who knows, don’t count on them to actually pull through (this is where the hangover from yesterday comes into play)
Important Stuff: Trail is A to A. Some shiggy, some pavement. Not too stroller friendly, but dogs can manage (maybe even one of Vino’s cats!)
On After: Judges Bench
8385 Main St, Ellicott City, MD 21043