BAH3 Trail #1616 – Miles Ze Dong, Learner Spermit, Twincest is Best, Udderly Vanilla

October 14, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
2200 Carroll Highlands Ct
Sykesville, MD 21784

Fucking.  That’s what it’s all about.

Back in our more Puritanical days any kind of fucking was looked down upon unless you performed all the correct ceremonies and repeated the right words and had clergymen involved and all that.  Us hashers have long since evolved beyond these moral constraints, now it only takes a six pack of Boh to get our engines revved up and ready to go to pound town.

Let us gather together and pay the barest of lip service to the old ways as we join together the slightly endowed Learner Spermit and the titacular Miles Ze Dong in the union of Holy Mattress Monkey. Come celebrate as we join these two hashers, henceforth known as SpermDong, and blessed their future fuckings and reflect on their past fuckings (which you’ve probably heard at campouts).  Let the old shame be gone! Let new shames take their place!  A wedding to strengthen the alliances of Fuckistan!

There will be food.  There will be beer.  There will be some kind of trail, don’t expect much, Spermit is lazy.

What: BAH3 Trail# 1616

When: 3PM

Where: 2200 Carroll Highlands Court, Sykesville MD 21784. The infamous Three Sheets Bar.

Hares: Spermit, Dong, Twincest is Best, Udderly Vanilla

Why: Because it’s Sunday. Bring $6.

Notes: A to A. Pre-lube before. Do some trail.  Eat some food after (even food for the gluten-free and vegan!).  Park in the driveway as best you can, then on the street.  Don’t block the other driveways. Dogs are ok at on after, just make sure they are tethered and stay out of the house.