BAH3 Trail #1607 – Marco Homo

September 2, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
8270 Bodkin Ave
Pasadena, MD 21122

Trail 1607 and Labor Day Activities!

Note special start time for trail on Sunday!

Who: Marco Home

When: 1PM! Sunday!

Where: 8270 Bodkin Ave, Pasadena, MD 21122

See below for weekend details!

Hey all,
Sorry for the last minute email.  I didn’t want to post a pool party with a green pool.  Today the pool is vibrant blue and ready to go.   So on with the weekend.
By tomorrow we’ll have 2 kegs on tap and ready to go.  Everyone’s welcome.  Doors open at 2PM.  (If you show up early, we’ll put your ass to work).
Saturday is pot luck, just hang out around the pool.  Standard hasher games will be played.
Sunday, Trail starts at Bodkin Park @ 1:pm :
8270 Bodkin Ave, Pasadena, MD 21122
Trail end will be at my house.
After trail, lunch (I’ll have burgers and Hash food ready to go)
Then frollic by the pool and watch The Semiannual Hasher Fizzball Tournament.  I’ve got a ton of shitty shitty beer to get rid of.
My house address:
1529 Park Ln. Pasadena, MD 21122

Fizzball Rules


These rules are for playing Fizzball in an open field.  These are based off the  Rouges Camp at Pennsic, but has been modified for an open field.


Basic Rules

Each Team has 3 batters.


A member of the other team pitches the can in a gentle pitch.


Each batter gets 3 hits.

If a better gets 3 strikes in a row, the Batter much chug the last beer pitched at them.  3 strikes also counts as one of the batters hits.


1) Points are assessed as follows:

– The referee can award style points at any time.

– Cans must rupture to count.

– 1 point for each Piece of can landing on the playing field (Not in the batting circle)

– 2 points for each piece of can in the 2 point zone.

– 3 points for a homerun. A homerun is only such if it goes over the homerun line

– 4 points for “capping” the beer. (when the top of a can fully separates from the body of the can)


2) Foul tips are strikes. A beer that does not open fully counts as a foul tip:

– A beer that has been tipped, and only has a pinhole leak can be re-swung at once. If the batter fails to crush it on the second throw he/she must then chug the beer.


3) A batter can call for a new pitcher at any time


4) Points are penalized as follows

– One point deduction for throwing the bat


5) In case of a tie, one batter elected from each team will bat 3 more cans.

– If this ends in a tie, one player is elected to chug a beer. Fastest with no spillage wins.


6) Losing team always clears the field


7) Bat restrictions:

  • No restrictions on length or weight
  • Striking surface can be no larger than 4.5” flat, or 4.5” in diameter
  • Bat must be made of wood. All bats must have a lanyard


8) A fizzballer Can only play for one team per tournament.


9) Tournament structure will be determined randomly. This means if your camp has multiple teams, there is a chance they will have to play each other.


  1. Ties are decided by breathalyzer. Average high wins.


Basic Field layout:

A baseball home plate shape is used as the batter location marker.

A circle or multisided shape is created around home plate at the 4′ radius.

An arc is drawn at the 25′ radius from home plate for the 2 point marker.

An arc is drawn at the 40′ radius from home plate for the 3 point marker (homerun).