BAH3 Trail #1592 – Poopies N’ Cream N’ BJ3

May 13, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Casa De Poop
7005 Eversfield Dr
Hyattsville, MD 20782

BAH3 trail #1592

3 pee emm sharp

PnC’s Hashy Birthday/F**k Off Trail

What: Cum and say goodbye/hashy birthday to that mother f**ker, Poopies N Cream! Forget your *actual* mom!!

Where: Casa de Poop. 7005 Eversfield Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20782

When: Pre-lube at 2 pee em ish, but pack away 3 pee em sharp, please. PnC wants to maximize party time afterwards! Late hashers can just never leave camp? You know where end circle will be!

Hares: Poopies N Cream & Beetlejizz (x3)

Deets: A to A. Runners and walkers trails. Bring a dry bag and a sense of adventure. Four-legged hashers will need to be on a leash for a majority of the trail. Medium to low shiggy/PI/tick factor. Stroller option possible with prior coordination.

On-after is at PnC’s place. Bring a lawn chair, since there will be zero furniture left in the house.

*Give away:* Get ready to play boozy “Let’s Make a Deal” since PnC can’t take his liquor or food with him. Do you pick box #1 or #2? Will it be scotch or jam? Tequila or vinegar? Choose wisely!!

Pizza, pasta, and orange food will be provided. Extra food is always welcome. No grill, sorry. Plenty of crash space, but you’ll need your own air mattress. At the end of the festivities, everything must go!! Bring a shopping bag in your dry bag?

*Special request:* PnC doesn’t want to show a body part or tell a joke when arrives at his new kennel! PLEASE send him your favorite hash song so he can make the Great American Hash Songbook. (He really needs the words to “Yo Soy Emilio” btw.)

Hare cell: 443-631-5091