BAH3 Trail #1587 – Anycock!

April 8, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center

What: The Classic Bowie Clusterfuck is back with a Bad Attitude. Also appearing: a New Journey to Senselessness.
When: 3 pee em HST Sunday April 8 2018
Why: I feel guilty that you didn’t get wet and muddy on my last trail. Very, very guilty.
Where: 38.984327, -76.730684 Hilltop Plaza Shopping Center Bowie MD 20715. Enter from Race Track Road. Got to the back (north). Park and Hash.
Notes. You might get a little wet and muddy. not stroller friendly. A trail for all Wankers: runners, walkers, snapping turtles, frogs.
hare cell
240 618 5563
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