BAH3 Trail #1580 Udderly Vanilla, Twincest, & Just Linden

February 18, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Udderly Vanilla & Twincest Playhouse
2201 Carroll Highlands Ct
Sykesville, MD 21784

Who: Udderly Vanilla, Twincest, and Just Linden.

What: the best BAH3 trail of the week

When: 3:00

Where: 2201 Carroll Highlands ct Sykesville MD 21784. (Our place)

Why: Because you have nothing better to do.
Notes: Dry bag? Can’t hurt. Dog friendly? Probably, but keep a lead handy. Strollers? It’s looking to be a bit muddy.

On after: Three Sheets bar and bar. (Yes that is our backyard bar. We’ll have a space heater and bon fire but bring warm drinking clothes. We’ll have some kind of food, leaning toward chili at the moment. Anyone with dietary restrictions let us know ahead of time. For anyone who has a three-day-weekend or solid job security, we will have crash space if you want to overindulge.

410-279-2603 Twincest
316-990-5104 Udderly