BAH3 #1521 DDD Memorial Trail

January 15, 2017 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Highlandtown Baltimore
1028 S Conkling St
Baltimore, MD 21224

BAH3 Trail #1521 & CCH3 Trail #118: Call Triple D Memorial Trail and Fundraiser
What: Runner and walker trails to celebrate the life of fallen hasher Call Triple D. Contribute to a memory book to be given to her partner, just Jimmy, and son, just Nathan. Drink yummy BEER and slurp yummy PUDDING SHOTS! Call Triple D’s famous recipe! And help raise funds to benefit just Nathan.
When: Sunday, January 15th 1 PM
Where: Of Love & Regret
1028 S. Conkling St
Baltimore, MD 21224
Hash cash: $6
Trail Notes: A to A’. Runner and walker friendly. Stroller friendly. Four legged hashers welcome on trail but not at the on-after. No need for a dry bag this week except for the potential precipitation.
On-After: Of Love & Regret, 1028 S. Conkling St, Baltimore, MD 21224,
Of Love and Regret has the world’s largest selection of Stillwater beers on draft, and has agree to donate some proceeds from beer sales towards our fundraiser. We have the entire second floor reserved just for hashers only! Plus we’ll provide a few appetizers.
A Small Sample of Items you can win in Our Raffle: Delicious Craft Beers, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout Bundle (includes bottles covering a range of vintages!), Wines Galore, Customized Deluxe Hash Necklaces, Custom-made Burlesque style Tu-Tus, Personalized Panties, Jar of Candied Jalapeños to be mailed from Germany, Handmade Hash Utility apron, Sweet Haberdashery, Free CCH3 Event Rego, and many other prizes/paraphernalia!!
Why: Just over a year ago our beloved long time hasher and past mismanagement member, Call Triple D, gave birth to a beautiful strong baby boy. Very shortly after giving birth she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastric Cancer. Call Triple D told Death “Not Today” for many months, recovering enough to bring just Nathan to meet his hashily at BAH3’s Green Dress Run and CCH3’s leg of the Tour Duh Hash. In August 2016 Call Triple D joined the big hash in the sky with our lord and savior, Natty Boh, leaving behind a loving partner and an eight-month old hasher-to-be. Join us as we celebrate her verve for life and embrace the members of our extended hashily.
Have awesome pictures of Call Triple D? Please upload them here and we’ll print them out!…
Want to donate an auction/raffle item? Fill out this form or contact Small Hands at…/1FAIpQLScSLc2w5M1Cd9jaSI…/viewform
Can’t make it Sunday but still want to donate to the fundraiser? You have 2 options:
1) PayPal your donation to or by sending money to friends/family; include your hash name in the notes. Your donation will be collected along with the funds we raise on Sunday to provide much needed help with Nate’s daily needs.
2) Or contribute to Nate’s college fund here:
On – On!
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