BAH3 #1516 Beetlejizz x3 & Learner Spermit

December 11, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
BJ3's Ramshackle
5032 Branchville Rd
College Park, MD 20740

Cum one, Cum all. Cum to my Ramshackle!
Let us rejoice that the bitchin’ Camaro hasn’t killed me yet, not for lack of trying. Let us celebrate the 6ft privacy fence my neighbors constructed! Let us fill the air with sweet, sweet songs of redemption. But for the love of Natty Boh if you park in the wrong direction on the street College Park will give you a ticket. Jerks…

Where: 5032 Branchville Road
College Park Md, 20740
(google works great, it’s even a recent areola image!)

Who: Beetlejizz3 and Learner Spermit

When 3 pee m

Cost: Sex Bucks!

Headlamp? Sunset is 4:45 pee m, probably not a bad idea.

Who is welcome?
runners, walkers, autohashers, glutards, virgins, leashed semen demon, Johnny Cockring, four legged creatures, strollers? only if they’re full of beer.

If we hares happen to be lost somewhere, the basement door to my house will be open.

On After? Probably Looneys (8150 Baltimore Ave), Parking is free in lot 11B on campus if the garage is full. The campus lot near Looneys no longer exists.

BJ3 cell 240 432 2385