BAH3 #1500: Beer and a Bag Full O’Dildos, Good Times!, Transplant It In Me, & Crash Test Dumbass

September 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Behind Dollar General
123 Hillsmere Dr
Annapolis, MD 21403
Cum celebrate both BAH3’s 34th trail and Beer and Bag Full of Dildos… Good Times’ 1500th birthday! Wait.. Reverse that. 1500th trail. 34th birthday. We have all aged so beautifully. 
When: Sunday, September 11, 1peem HST (for the love of shitty beer please note the early start time). 
Where: Bay Ridge Marketplace Shopping Center. 123 Hillsmere Drive, Annapolis MD. Park behind the Dollar General. 
What: A to A trail. Cum wearing your favorite historic BAH3 gear. OR come dressed as beer, a bag, a dildo (or multiple dildos if you prefer) or just come to have a good time (get it)!
Who: Hares are Beer and Bag Full of Dildos, Good Times (585-748-7515), Crash Test Dumbass, and Transplant It In Me. 
Why: Most parts of trail is leashed dogs, leashed kids, leashed hashers, and stroller friendly. Both Walkers and Runners will be equally disappointed they came. Runners will get very wet. Like swimming wet. Be prepared. If you are doing runners and can’t swim, bring a flotation device. 
How: 6$ will get you tons of shitty beer, orange food, and maybe a redheaded slut somewhere on trail. And probably a few back checks b/c its a BBD trail. 
On-After: Annapolis Smokehouse. Dog friendly location (outside seating). In the same plaza. 
Did you note the early start time? 1pm? Did you?  
BBD…Good Times, Transplant, and Crash Test.