BAH3 #1477: Amazon and EMT

April 3, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Winan's Meadow

–> 1 PM <– one oclock; 1 hour past midday; 1300 hrs

BAH3 HASH # 1476 4/3/16 *1 PM* Starts at 1:00

Did you know there is a serial killer in Baltimore? He’s already killed at least 3 women and dumped two of them in Leakin Park, the scene of our next trail! I mean, the last time he struck was like 1969 but, still, he could be out there so let’s look for him! at 1 pm.

Come with us this Sunday to visit the “grave site” of one of his victims and discover dozens of other failed hiding places for dead people. Along the way we will pay homage to those who breathed their last in one of America’s largest [and accidentally most notorious] city parks.

WHAT: The ‘Trail of Dead Bodies in Leakin Park’ Hash. Trail starts at 1 pm so no one will be forced to run this particular trail in the dark.

WHAT NOTE: This will be a scavenger hunt: whomever finds the most grave markers (or body parts 😉 on trail wins a prize. Plus, if you find a real dead body, you win your money back! (but see *Trail Notes below for your chances). (Plus you’d have to carry the thing back to me bcz pix can be ‘shopped.)

WHEN: Sunday, April 3, 2016, 1 pm sharp-ish

FRIENDLIES: All manner of living, dead and undead carbon-based beings.

WHERE: Winan’s Meadow (in Leakin Park) on Franklintown Road: The parking lot is between the stone bathroom where where Lemuel Wallace was found shot in the back of the head by his guardian/minister, and the creek where Lester Williams was laid to rest from a moving vehicle.

HOW MUCH: $6, which will be refunded upon receipt of new dead body*.

HARES: EMT & her Bitch…I mean Bambi’s Bitch, and Amazon


  1. Don’t get too excited about winning your money back. I’ve hiked that park almost every day for 8 years and, sadly, have yet to find even a femur bone ;-).
  2. For you Cervix-y types who like to turkey along the paved trails and expect to find beer or hashers, you will be very thirsty and all alone.

IMPORTANT TRAIL NOTE: Every body found in my phenomenal park was either dead already or brought there by their killer to be killed. So don’t expect to be duckin’ bullets or anything fun like that. [I don’t recommend looking in any lunch boxes found on trail.]

CAUTION: Don’t expect a clever, difficult-to-find trail this time either. I know my audience now. Trail will be short, flat and easy, just like me. Dry bag at your discretion [if you lack discretion, now would be a good time to find some].

Hare’s Cell 410-294-6556 (always a good idea to bring water-proofed cellphones on a trail Amazon had anything to do with 😉

Apres: Iampieri’s Dive Bar (Chiafalo’s has great food and delivers free of charge to Iamp’s). [There may be a pre-apres at the hare’s lair but that’s a game-time decision.]

DirectionsIampieri’s Westway Dive Bar & Lounge – Baltimore, MD