5th Anal Hillbilly Anal General Meeting

February 22, 2014 @ 5:09 pm
Americas Best Value Inn
MD 21750

Welcum, welcum, welcum…to the 5th Anal Hillbilly General Meeting…where when y’all wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty…

Come join us for a good time in hand-cock Maryland. We will be sending out this year’s mismanagment with a bang and leaving a big mess for next years to clean up!   This year we are bringing back the 80’s.  Ladies, break out the leg warmers and hairspray! Men, don’t forget that awesome members only jacket!

Here’s some more details for y’all:

When: Check-in starts @ 1169 (aka 12:09 PM) Saturday February 22, 2014 till after trail on Sunday February 23rd

Where: Americas Best Value in motel in Hancock MD:

2 Blue Hill Road

Hancock , MD 21750

(301) 678-6108

 We rented out the whole motel so no worrying about the neighbors.  We wont be in West “By God” Virginia so having a pretty mouth wont get you in trouble with the locals (just the hashers).  We got the whole motel and a great hashpitality suite!  No need to make reservations.  When you rego please note your roommate preferences we will do are damnest to keep everyone who wants to be together in the same room.  The rooms vary from 2 double beds to 1 king but roll aways are available.  Your rego will ask for your preferences but at the end of the day we ask you be flexible! Cause flexible is fun!

How Much:  The meager price of $85.  This price is good until 7 February.  After that, it’ll be $100 and giveaways are not guaranteed.  If you decide to cum at the last minute, it’ll be $125 cash at the door.  Cap of 69, so get in while the getting’s hot!  There are no refunds.  You should have planned better and made Hashing your main priority.

What Do You Get: Room included, two trails, food, and A PARTY, beer, a really sweet giveaway and the chance to pull out your crap from the 80’s (or if you’re a baby to pretend you were actually cool enough to have lived then)

Questions: Pester Jed @ jed.hillbilly.h3@gmail.com