Charm City H3 Preakness Weekend

PreaknessCoverImage2The Third Anal CCH3 Preakness Weekend featuring CCH3 Trail #69 is cumming!!

May 15-17, 2015


Join us for a fun filled weekend of drinking, r*nning, stumbling, drinking,  Preakness InfieldFest w/ concerts all day long on 2 stages, Mug Club access with all the beer you can drink, a horse or two if you’re lucky, a kickass giveaway, and more drinking

Capped at 50 regos!

Price starts at $99.69, and goes up to $109.69 on March 15th, and up to $119.69 on April 15th. Registration will be closed on May 9th. Registrations can be purchased online, or with cash or credit card at any CCH3 trail, until the regos are sold out!

Don’t miss out, your spot is not reserved until you pay!


Registration on Closed

We have shut down Rego’s to our Preakness Event and we have sold the rest of our Preakness Infield Mug Club tickets!!

To those of you who can join us, Yippy!!  We’ll send out event details soon!!

For all of you half-minds who waited to until the last minute: you’re lucky we like you!  You’re not completely S.O.L; you can still join us for Trail!!

Trail #68 Friday night, just show up and pay hash cash ($8) as per usual
Prelube 6pm, pack away 7pm

Mustang Alley, in Baltimore
Trail #69 Saturday morning
Prelube 9am, pack away 10am
Mt Washington Rail Station, in Baltimore
Sign up here for our Trail-Only list by May 14th and we’ll even have a 69th-trail giveaway for you! :

You’ll find more Trail Notes on our main website: