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A Few of My Favorite Things

Vibrators, Dildos and vaseline jelly,
That’s what I use to set fire in my belly,
In and out up and down–feels like a dream,
All by myself w/my favorite things.

Men are useless,
I don’t need them,
I’m the best I have had.
All that I need are my favorite things,
Cause I’m just so good (oh!) when I’m bad.

Sound of Hashers

Melody – Do, Re, Mi (Sound of Music)

Give (name) a beer, a really big beer,
We will watch him drink it down.
Girls, you know if he drinks it all,
He will never get it up.
Oh, the stories sad to tell,
It picked up and then it fell.
You would die if you could see,
(name), slap his tiny wee-wee.

Calling All Hashers

(sung to Oh say say playmate)

Hey all you hashers, come out and drink with me
Trail some shiggy and see some titties
Get your clothes muddy
Act like a drunken clown
Now all you hashers
Just drink it down down down

It’s My Body

It's my body and I'll touch what I want to, touch what
I want to, touch what I want to – you'd touch me too
if I let you down down down down down down…
(even better if you actually touch the parts you want
to during the song)

BAH3 F U Rap

We are the B-AcH THREE and we like a shiggy RUN

We da kennel that put da F U in FUN

We yell ON ON so you know we a-ROUND

And get da Natty Bo on when we drink da DOWN DOWN


[particpants: shout out THREE, RUN, F U, ON ON, DOWN DOWN

Basic BAH3 Rap

These are hashers of the B- AcH THREE
Da kennel hashes THE land of pluh-ZENT shig-GEE
We holla ON ON so you know we a-ROUND
And get da NattyBO on when we drink da DOWN DOWN

[note: BAH3 is "Bi Otch 3" in rap speak;  throw out the 3 sign when yelling THREE yo;  shout out THREE, GEE, ON ON, DOWN DOWN; ]

This Hand is Your Hand

 (tune: this land is your land)

This hand is your hand; this gland is my gland

now rub it slowly, and make my junk stand

now rub it round and round

and drink my goo down down down down…

your hand was made to stroke my gland

What We Love

(tune Allouette)

Masturbation, we love masturbation

Masturbation, it is what we love

First we stroke with our right hand

then we stroke with our left hand

our right hand

our left hand

our right hand

our left hand

oh oh oh oh

masturbation, we love masturbation

masturbation, it is what we love

The Virgin Song

(sung to Billy Joel’s tune, Virginia) 

Come out, you virgins, come meet your fate,

the hash is a blast why did you wait?

I’d rather hash with the sinners than cry with the saints,

the hashers are much more fun,

so tell us who made you come…

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