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Visitior’s Song

Melody – Underdog Theme

By Hazukashii, Samurai HHH
There’s no need to fear!
We’ve got lots of beer!
When visitors in this hash appear,
And pay five bucks to drink our beer,
And offend all those who see or hear,
The cry goes out both far and near to,
Drink it down
Drink it down,
Speed of lightening, roar of thunder,
Chug it down, or show us Chunder,
Drink it down. . . . .

Jack’s Brother, Earl

I’m Jacks brother Earl (….na na na na na ..)

i exhumed a little girl….
brought her back to my place….
brushed the bugs off of her face….
she had them hollow cheeks….
and that sexy decomposing reek….
she gave me a toothy grin….
when i stuck my c**k in….
i f**ked her in the eye-hole….
…cuz that’s the way that I roll….

The Any Cock’ll DoMe Rap

BAH3 got a wanker named “Any Cock’ll Do Me”
Raised up in the time of Pres’dent Sock-it-too-me
Little man in the boat?
Wanker, pleez, he’s the captain
Got his 10 dollaz ready for some hot-bunk action

He don’t impress the ladies with his 6-pack abs
Instead he snatch them bitches with a 6-pack grab
But don’t worry men
This sailor don’t ask/don’t tell
Just back your sea pussy up
Bite your pillow/don’t yell!

Natty Boh is his viagra
Pudding shots are his lube
He likes his trails full of shiggy
And his face bull of boob

He swings his big wood
Some say it’s made of balsa
But it makes him go fast
Like some Paul Newman salsa!

Hot Carl

Sing to Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls”

Hot Carl, duhn duhn
Talking ’bout Hot Carl

Hot Carl, duhn duhn
Talking ’bout Hot Carl, Yeah!

Well I wake up from a nap (echo)  (from a nap)
My face is covered in Saran wrap (Saran Wrap)

I look up and see butt cheeks,
OOOOHHHHHH, here comes a steamy Crap!

Repeat Chorus

Hashing 3 to 5


(to the tune of 9-5)
Hashing 3 to 5…..
What a way to spend a Sunday.
And were getting by….
Drinking beer and dodging shiggy.
And we run ahead…
But the cops won’t seem to let us.
I swear some time those muggles are out to get us!

My Name is Pearl

My name is Pearl.
My favorite sex position’s cowgirl.

I like to do it with the dead;
They never ask me to give head.


But I get frustrated…
When rigor mortis has abated.

Once they’re not stiff, I climb down off ’em
And close the cover on their coffin.

My Name is Judy


My name is Judy,
My favorite stiff’s a real beauty.
Though his pecker’s soft and thin,
I find his femur slides right in.
Most girls like their guys aware.
I prefer his lifeless stare.
So what if he’s dead?
At least he doesn’t fart in bed.

Down Down: His Cock Aroma


bonus simple tune (to La Cucaracha) that anyone should be able to memorize.
His cock aroma, his cock aroma,
made her gag when she went down.
His cock aroma, his cock aroma
made her gag when she went down.
down down down
– Anycock

I Don’t Want to Sober Up

I don’t want to sober up

I’m a debaucherous kid

There’s a million hasher ’round the world the I can drink with

More shiggy, more beer, more titties, oh shit

It’s the coolest drinking club there is.  Gee Whiz!

I don’t want to sober up because if I did, I couldn’t be a debaucherous kid

BAH3 Rap — The 2011 RE-MIX

We are the hashers of the Be-AACH THREE
Representin’ the land of PLUH-ZENT SHIG-GEE

We holla ON ON so you know we aroun’
Gonna bus’ up some suds when we COME TO YO’ TOWN

You know we got game, because WE ALL SUCH PLAYAS
Put our green dresses on and ALL YELL ‘YE-AHHH’!

An’ you punk FRBs betta CHECK THAT FLOWAH
Got you runnin’ in circles FOR THE PAS’ HALF HOWAH

We lace ’em up tight, KNOCK THEM BOOTIES AROUN’
And get our NattyBOH drink on when WE DO DA DOWN DOWN!!

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