The Any Cock’ll DoMe Rap

BAH3 got a wanker named “Any Cock’ll Do Me”
Raised up in the time of Pres’dent Sock-it-too-me
Little man in the boat?
Wanker, pleez, he’s the captain
Got his 10 dollaz ready for some hot-bunk action

He don’t impress the ladies with his 6-pack abs
Instead he snatch them bitches with a 6-pack grab
But don’t worry men
This sailor don’t ask/don’t tell
Just back your sea pussy up
Bite your pillow/don’t yell!

Natty Boh is his viagra
Pudding shots are his lube
He likes his trails full of shiggy
And his face bull of boob

He swings his big wood
Some say it’s made of balsa
But it makes him go fast
Like some Paul Newman salsa!

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