Hash Trash #1274


Velvet Vulva and At Your Cervix decided they wanted to test the reading comprehension and bullsh*t detecting skills of the hooligans who comprise the BAH3. Unfortunately for far too many of those poor souls, many failed. (That did turn out to be a good thing for the haberdashery, as the sales of shiggy socks were through the roof.) Anyway, some unknown number of thermometer-challenged misfits gathered in a Park & Ride for reasons known only to themselves (and our lord Natty Boh, of course). After an inspiring circle, led by the one and only Any Cock, where the hashers were introduced to, amazingly enough, a virgin, Just Ari, the pack headed off, immediately getting lost, and only moments later, realizing how much bullsh*t the hares had in mind when they suggested “no shiggy” on trail.
For the next week or so, the intrepid pack made their way through brambles, trees, raspberry bushes (yum, by the way), creeks, and all other manner of things we ought to expect when anywhere near Patapsco Park. Some of the highlights that have made their way through the drunken haze to this scribe include: Old Faithful showing up in actual, full, cold-weather gear, shiggy, the virgin running with a scarf (ascot?), shiggy, ZZ Bottom stumbling across a naked man in the river, shiggy, an excellent beer stop including soaking pool, shiggy, and, eventually, the end of the trail.
A closing circle followed, including a live performance of Any Cock’s hare rap. Many violations were brought up, much beer was drunk. Eventually the pack realized they were all standing in a parking lot surrounded by large roads, and only protected by three scraggly trees, and pulled up stakes. On-After ended up at a quite pleasant biker bar, named “Daniel’s”, in Elkridge, where the difference between a kilt and a skirt was loudly discussed by those aforesaid bikers. To my knowledge, no checks were performed at that bar. (Though no comment shall be made about any such checks that might or might not have happened earlier that day…)

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