BAH3 Rap — The 2011 RE-MIX

We are the hashers of the Be-AACH THREE
Representin’ the land of PLUH-ZENT SHIG-GEE

We holla ON ON so you know we aroun’
Gonna bus’ up some suds when we COME TO YO’ TOWN

You know we got game, because WE ALL SUCH PLAYAS
Put our green dresses on and ALL YELL ‘YE-AHHH’!

An’ you punk FRBs betta CHECK THAT FLOWAH
Got you runnin’ in circles FOR THE PAS’ HALF HOWAH

We lace ’em up tight, KNOCK THEM BOOTIES AROUN’
And get our NattyBOH drink on when WE DO DA DOWN DOWN!!

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