Hash Trash #1147 – The Blizzard

The run went off beautifully and was declared the Run of the Year by the huge, enthusiastic pack!  Actually, the first part is partly true at least.  About 3:05 Schmegg pulls into the parking lot in a cute little flapper style fringed red dress, and is suprised to be the first to show and we were thinking the lone pack along with his dog Patches.  Then Just Daniel (who probably needs to be named soon), Hairless Krishna, and ZZ Bottom pulled in.  Any Cock called earlier to say he was running a little late, then called back to say his car apparently has a lot more common sense then he did and decided to act up so he had to turn around.  Amazon, Lil Flour, and Gaylick tried their damndest but couldn’t bust out of their snow bubbles.  We almost got a virgin, when a cute female pulled in next to us and invited us to her super bowl party.  We invited her to look us up and join us because she was definite hash material even though she doesn’t run.  After a quick review of marks the pack was off across the parking lot – by the looks of their pace we think they were hoping we were going to say “Fat Boy Trail” and just run around the parking lot.  Nope.  Over the 8 Ft high snow plow pile and on Gorman Rd, and across the street through crotch deep snow along the river and another 3/4 mile of crotch deep snow to the Savage bridge.  There, we spied on them as they tried to solve the check there.  When one of them mistook the “BT” writen in the snow (yeah, it is hard to write clearly in snow) for a 3rd mark, the pack had to be called back to get them from shortcutting.  Through Savage Mill on to the park where they encountered more crotch deep snow and a turn around.  I coulda sworn I had mentioned that once they turn around they just follow trrail back to the Mill but oh well.  So after a little meandering they did just that and made the shot stop where we had yummy manhattens mixed up.  They fueled up on double shots then back to Gorman Rd and through the subdivison on home.  There they whined about deep snow and cold wet sneakers, etc.  The hares had no mercy – remember we laid the trail in the same thigh deep snow but much less broken, after shovelling our car out for 3 hrs!  Hares got shitty trail for down downs with Schmegg co-RAing, and then he got called into the circle for his red dress and won a San Diego red dress mug (the hares are downsizing).  The rest of the pack was each called in for various transgressions and also won beautiful hash mugs.  Circle was closed and we continued to munch and drink until one by one common sense told them they better leave before things really ice up and also to watch the super bowl on something other than our antique 28″.  We decided to blow off Rams Head since it was too cold to walk and we were not getting on the road after numerous doses of manhattens, Scmeggs hot chocolate and numerous brews.  All in all, a fun hash and most important – the hash did go on!

On Go Saints On!

EZ Lipps and Saintly Suds

PS, Schmeg did bring his nice reflexive lens camera and EZ took some pics so hopefully he will post them soon

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