Hash Trash #1125

Hares:  At Your Cervix and Pro Boner


Maybe it was the beautiful weather.  Personally, I think it was Cums 2 Attention’s promise to get naked at her last hash that brought this motley crew together for a fine day of hashing in Annapolis.  And no, Cums2 didn’t get naked.  But she did hash in her pajamas and looked smashing doing so. 


Cervix, being the cunning hare he is, tricked the pack into believing they were on an A to B trail.  This was all part of his diabolical scheme to keep the wankers from short cutting, thereby cheating themselves out of 6 or so miles of sticker bushes and the finest swamps the area has to offer!   The walkers and hash hounds stuck to the city streets, found Noahhh along the way, and made a detour through the Maryland Avenue festival.  Safely back at camp well before the r*unners and less than ecstatic about being cheated out of shot and beer checks, we went about liberating the beer from Boner’s car.  God bless that man for leaving a door unlocked!


Two hours or so after they started, they began trickling in.  Holy crap did they smell bad!  The “water crossing” apparently had a three foot base of sludge.  NICE!  Just Will and Bobbin 4 Buttplugs were the first in but they were off trail so no dice!  There must have been plenty of sex on trail because the FRBs were cumming together.  All The Way In and Gluten Free Granny Panties (rocking a bad ass pair of panties, by the way!) were FRBs on the Turkey Trail.  Incredible Edible Schmegg and Stuffed in My Box took the honors for the Eagle. 


Overheard on trail:  “My panties are all wet but it’s not from you.”


Bobbin’ got a chubby courtesy of Saintly Sudds. 


Safety violations were handed out like candy at Halloween.  Bubble wrap and a hardhat were provided for Hash Protection and entertainment. 


Amazon and Mudflapps fought over Schmegg’s impressive vibrating tool.


All the Way In gave us his best Braveheart impression. 


Hash abandonment accusations were cast upon two of our family members.  Meat Sucker is headed (wsh??) to the Southern Hemisphere and Cums 2 Attention is taking an 8 month all expenses paid trip to Iraq, courtesy of Uncle Sam.  Be safe – we will miss you!



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